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How to Feed the Soul of Your Business

If you really want a soul-inspired business, you must make time for inspiration a priority in your life. It can be gardening or riding a motorcycle, but you must make those things that feed your body/mind/soul a constant priority.

This all has to do with your bigger WHY. You must feel and feed the WHY, the DREAM, or what I call the SOUL of your business. That means you must take really good care of yourself.
Not doing that is the #1 pitfall to new (and some not so new) business owners. They become consumed by all the countless tasks and problems that are a normal part of running a business, and the focus and clarity about their purpose begins to wane.

When this happens, it is feedback that something needs to turn around. The normal cycle of feeling bad that you are not “on top” of things makes you drive even harder, and get more frantic. Based on the Law of Attraction, there is no way you can attain what you really want that way, unless you really want STRUGGLE.

Ask yourself, “Am I addicted to struggle?” Be honest. And be kind. We all learned many unhelpful ways to be in the world. Sometimes we all feel as if it is an uphill climb!

Being able to step back and look at what is working and what is not is an essential act of self-love if you want to make progress. Interestingly enough, the Latin root of the word progress is “proficere,” which means to profit. And that is the purpose of your business.

Your Assignment:

1. Ask yourself where you are struggling, and write it down. See if there are now or have been other situations in which you had a similar struggle. Look for the pattern. This helps you own it more fully, for one thing.

2. What is the feedback telling you? If you are in conflict, it is telling you that you are divided. If you are low on energy, it is telling you that you are empty. If you are angry, it is telling you that you need to set a boundary. If you are afraid, it is telling you that you have disconnected from Source. In fact, all of it is telling you that you perceive yourself to be disconnected from Source.

3. Commit to one thing that you know will bring you back to that connection. Write it down and set the time for it. Invite LOVE back into your life. Making that decision already sets the new course for you.

When you run your own business, how you show up in your life is reflected in your business, and vice versa. It is better to hold off on making any more business decisions, if you can, until you are reconnected to the Soul of your business, which means to yourself and your bigger WHY.

7 Reasons Why Systems Should Be a Priority in Your Small Business

Need Systems? Of course you do. You already know this. And you probably have systems or methods to attract new customers, serve them, bill them and keep them coming back. But…

  • Are they written down so others consistently do things the same way?
  • Are they efficient or do they have a lot of duplicate, unnecessary work that robs you or others of precious time – while adding little or no real value?
  • Are they effective – do they get you the results or outcomes you want?

As you can see, it’s not about having systems. It’s about having GOOD ones – the kind that deliver the results you want AND allow you and your people to do what you do efficiently and consistently.

While systems and procedures aren’t glitzy, I will admit that I love them. Why? Because I love profit and the #1 way to build more profit into your small business is through systems.

Documenting procedures and monitoring results makes everything you do – from marketing and sales to daily operations and billing – more efficient, more effective and more consistent. And isn’t that a key to profitability?

7 Reasons Why Systems Should Be a Priority

  1. You’ll make more money! Yep, I’ve seen this a lot with clients. Good systems put more profit on the bottom line – and ultimately in your wallet. That alone should give you a little motivation!
  2. You’ll deliver what YOU promise to customers each and every time – so they keep coming back and tell others! Remember, McDonalds doesn’t make the best burgers, but they consistently deliver on their promise for convenience. Give customers what you promise – each and every time – and they’ll keep coming back.
  3. Training new employees is easier so they contribute sooner and are more productive! How much time and money do you spend getting new employees up to speed and fully productive? It also takes away the fear and anxiety owners often feel when an employee leaves or is terminated.
  4. Taking time off won’t be so stressful. We all need time away to re-energize and relax. The constant ‘checking in’ and continuous phone calls make it stressful for many small business owners. With systems in place, your team can handle it just fine, maybe even better!
  5. Looking to expand or start up another location? No problem. Your systems are repeatable for others to use.
  6. Plan to retire and pass your business on to your children? You’ve put your heart and soul into growing the business and want to see it continue to thrive. Your systems make it easier to transition and keep the business running well.
  7. And if you ever want to sell your business – proven systems that are documented make your business more valuable and sell-able! You won’t need to stay on for a year or two to ‘teach’ the new owner how things are done. Your business is no longer totally dependent on YOU.

So if you are putting it off, it’s time to re-think your attitudes about systems. It’s easier than you think if you keep these four things in mind:

Set the right goal. Setting a goal to complete a ‘how to’ manual is just plain boring and overwhelming. Instead, set a goal to build systems into your business – as you are building it. You will end up with a practical, how-to manual, but you’ll build profit along the way to keep you motivated.

Take it one system at a time. For every procedure you document and implement, you will see improvements in efficiency, productivity and profit. Things will run more smoothly without your day-to-day involvement.

Start with the most critical. Procedures, like customers, are not all created equal. Focus first on the ones that impact YOUR sales, delivery, profit and time.

Keep it simple. Procedures must be understood by those who implement them if they are to deliver results. Include scripts and samples where appropriate to help people perform the task at hand.

So make systems a priority — and enjoy the extra profit on your bottom line!